New Website Launched

by Alex Christou on Jan 16th, 2016

After 18 months in development we are excited to release our new website. Innovative Interior design is one of our trademarks in property development and we wanted our website to echo this innovation. The first task was to ensure that across all mediums the website would be easy to use. Sideways scrolling has always been something that is unusual for websites and yet with the prominence of touch screens it becomes far more intuitive as a layout. As such we came up with a design that made this set up work.

We were also extremely keen to ensure that we could give our followers a sense of the detail that each project entails. As such we wanted to create a format that allowed for a storyboard to be created.

Video has become an increasingly useful medium for us to demonstrate the detail of the projects we work on. And we wanted this format to take centre stage; used on both our homepage and also throughout the project showcase area.

Finally we wanted a unique way to showcase our before and after shots. As such we came up with the centre scrolling system you will see across the website allowing you to interact and seamlessly see the changes we create with our interior design.

We hope you enjoy looking through the various areas.