Prime Resi showcases our latest VR and CGI capability

by Alex Christou on Aug 23rd, 2018

A London-based boutique developer and interiors firm has been extolling the virtues of the latest 3D and VR tech, after creating what it calls “the ultimate design experience”.

Luxury specialist 1.61 London has shelled out for the all-singing 3DS Max and gaming engine software to bring its visions to life, allowing clients to “transport” themselves into their proposed new residence, have a mooch around individual rooms, and make real-time changes to the design in the actual space.

The 3D mock up and full room-scale virtual reality experience provides a “totally immersive experience…and gives a spatial awareness to the design that a 2D image could never offer”, said the award-winning firm, which is run by brothers Alexander and Michael Christou and has around 100 projects under its belt.

The team offers up the example of recent client, who despite being a BAFTA award winning writer, had a hard time visualising his new-look Marylebone pad from LA. The new tech allowed him to take a 360-degree tour of his home from 5,500 miles away, and properly understand all the proposed changes they’d discussed. Advances in image quality have now made VR a viable option for high-end schemes, says Alex Christou at 1.61 London:

“Whilst 2D mood boards, renders and sketches have played a vital role in presenting interior design to clients, the evolution of this industry has meant that we need to embrace the latest technology to create an even better experience for them.

“Virtual reality has been gradually paving the way for gaming technology at home, so it makes complete sense to be able to bring that concept into a business environment too. Historically the image quality wasn’t good enough to showcase the detail required for luxurious textures and finishes but that is no longer the case."

“The latest technology allows for a much quicker and easier way to create and edit designs for our clients at a quality level that is incredible, giving them a true insight as to what their home could look like in real time and allowing for changes to be made along the way. It is visual transformation at its finest! It is as if you are walking through your fully designed home.”

360 CGI

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